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What follows is about the dump through the eyes of a recent visitor named Karen Ramos. I love to see and hear what people take away from the dump and wanted to share this with you too.

The Dump
Have you ever been to a dump? Years ago, I went with my cousin Erin in Atlanta to take some junk to the local dump. The place was full of worthlessness. Nothing there had value and very little could have been re-purposed.

A few days ago, I traveled to the dump in La Ceiba, Honduras. In the shadow of the dump lives a community. A few concrete houses were there but the majority of homes were made from wood slats reinforced with string, cardboard, and rusted sheet metal. It is in this community that Lisa Bradley ministers. She took another volunteer and I from house to house introducing us to families in the community. Everyone knew who she was and why she was there. She loves the Lord, and she loves the community. As Christians, we are not meant to shy away from the needy nor avoid the poor. Christ calls us into these areas to be a light to a dark place and to bring healing to brokenness.

Walking to a home to visit a sick boy near dump

Where is God calling you? Where is God calling me? I am challenged with this question and thrilled by it at the same time. God calls us to places of worthlessness and He brings His worth. Where there is no value of human life, God gives value to each individual. And when we have little left to give, God re-purposes us so that we may be a healing light to the world.

Lisa loving on little boy in La Ceiba dump

Waiting in line for a feeding program at a local church

Enjoying the meal provided by church

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