Thursday, October 18, 2012

New Birth

I have found myself to be very delinquent in communicating via newsletter and blog. Thank you so much for your grace in this area. I am happy to have been able to keep most of you up to date on Facebook and via personal email. I will do better! Time is precious and none of us never seem to have enough time to do the many tasks on our overloaded to do lists do we?

Since my last publication, many transitions have taken place. One that I would like to update you on right now is my passage into grand-motherhood. Yes, I am a grandma! I like the Spanish word abuela better than grandma I think, or maybe even abuelita. What my new precious granddaughters will call me has yet to be determined....we shall see.

Alaina Marie Bradley was born on July 1, 2012 to Phillip and Kristina. Phillip is now in the Coast Guard and he and his family are stationed in Texas.

Madison Fae Bradley was born on October 2, 2012 to Zach and Lora. Zach is still in the Air Force and he and his family are stationed in Georgia. I've yet to meet Miss Madison face to face yet but hope to do so in November.

I am so thankful for new birth in many arenas of my life. Praising HIM for safe deliveries for moms and babies, for beautiful healthy girls, and so very thankful to God for expanding my "tent". More updates to follow real soon. I promise!

*Note...The first two photos are of Alaina and the last two are Madison.