Saturday, October 24, 2009

October stateside visit

Dear Friends and followers,
I came back to the U.S. for my son Zach's wedding. On October 10th he married the most wonderful young lady. He could not have chosen a better wife. She is sweet and beautiful inside and out and I am very proud to have a new daughter and her name is Lora (photos to soon follow).
A week and a half ago I had a routine mammogram. The next day I was called to come back in to further investigate something that they could see on the film. After a second mammogram followed by a sonogram a biopsy is needed. They have not called it a lump nor a mass and quite honestly it appears to be very small. I will have a biopsy on Wednesday the 28th. I would appreciate your prayers and agreement with me that this is absolutely nothing! I am planning to return to my home in Honduras on November 4.
I must admit is has been a bit scary not knowing what is going on and at times thoughts flood my mind, but I take captive every thought and I know who is in control of my very life. He has numbered my days and I have no need to fear.