Sunday, October 24, 2010


God is a God of miracles. In this hurricane season alone, we here on the north coast of Honduras have seen God's hand of protection from three (yes, not one but three) tropical storms. I stand in awe as I looked out my front gate this morning and saw the river rising and next the rain diminishing. Our God is faithful! He is concerned about every detail of our lives. We did not even get the 65 mph winds that was supposed to come our way!

When you talk of miracles I know that it makes some people uncomfortable. I'm not sure why that is. Jesus' life was a life of the miraculous and we are each called to walk and do as He did and even greater things are we to do because He lives in us. I have witnessed healings before and have seen people radically saved but just this past week I was able to witness it and be a part of it first hand in this amazing country God has chosen to place me in.

A pastor and 3 gentlemen came down to see how they may partner with me in the dump and possibly in other areas of ministry. The pastor felt really drawn to Rio Esteban. Rio Esteban is a fishing village almost at the end of the dirt road out here. I have one contact in Rio Esteban and wasn't even sure she was around but we went. We connected with my friend and felt led to go down to the beach and just pray. As we were praying, God began to highlight or give us clues as to people we should look for. One gentleman felt like we were to look for someone with a broken arm. We continued to pray and the gentleman got my attention and said "Lisa a guy just walked by with a bandage on his arm". We all of course walked down the path he had taken. He had a broken wrist. The Holy Spirit began to minister to this young man and long story short, he was prayed for and was healed. He took off the bandage and picked up a large stone with the broken wrist to show what God did for him. You could literally see his countenance changed. He also accepted Christ. When God demonstrates His power through the Holy Spirit, people are forever changed!

Another miraculous healing was a woman who could barely bend her leg to walk. She was completely healed and bent her leg back and walked around to prove it. Through tears she praised God for His goodness! She praised Him for His extreme love for her.

Yet another miracle was a very sick child. She had a very high temperature and was listless. Immediately after praying for her, she got up and started playing and smiling! There were other instances where the Holy Spirit ministered to people who were lost and hurting in a tangible way. People are hungry for more of God and He is longing to meet us right where we are! He loves us so much and will go to extreme lengths to encounter us in a real and personal way.

For God to demonstrate His extravagant love in such a powerful way, in such an out of the way place, surely He has great plans for this little nation.